Just Published: Discipline: Book One of the 50 Shades of Surrender Series

discipline_cover_smallThe first book in my new 50 Shades of Surrender series of erotic romance novels is finally available on Kindle. Although I shamelessly used the “50 Shades Of…” tag to suck in new readers and let them know roughly what to expect, there’s no connection with E.L. James‘s phenomenal bestseller. And, despite sharing a surname, we are in no way related.

Discipline is a 41,000 word novel set in New York City, that looks at a young woman’s exploration of her sexual attractions and desires. The story starts when young English actress Abigail Bennett arrives at an audition for a part in a shampoo commercial. Abi has become disillusioned with her life. Partly by her lack of success as an actress and partly by her lack of love life. She’s only 22, but Abi feels that life is slipping away from her. She’s young, sexually innocent, and a stranger in the Big Bad City.

Abi’s plight mirrors my own experiences in New York, twenty years ago. I arrived a naive, young model and expected the world to fall at my feet. That’s really where mine and Abi’s  lives separate. I found minor success and returned to England wiser but not a lot richer, whereas Abi meets Roxy Royale and has her life turned around and upside down!

Roxy Royale is a couple of years older than Abi, and the brash New Jersey girl is everything she’s not. Roxy is confident and sexually experienced. She’s heavily into the BDSM scene and performs at a club owned by the dashing, debonair and very dominant Dominic Grigio. Abi meets and falls in love with Dominic, and her roller coaster ride begins.

Discipline is the first part of a series. How many I eventually write is open to discussion, but right now two more are in the writing and plotting stage: Submission (April 2014) and Conquest (July 2014).  I’m also going to write a series of shorter stories about Roxy’s sexual exploits.

I’ve been submissive in the bedroom for as long as I’ve been sexually active. I find it hugely exciting to be taken in hand by a dominant male. For the last fourteen years, this role has been taken by my husband. Before that, I had some wild experiences, which I’ve shamelessly drawn on in my writing. At the heart of these books is a basic Romance Story: will girl capture boy and manage to keep him for herself? Dominic Grigio is a gorgeous hunk of a man and a great catch, but he also runs a successful business that includes a BDSM club. Can Abi overcome the obstacles and make Dominic her own? Will she be drawn into his world of sexual pain and humiliation? That’s really what this book is about.

There’s plenty of bondage and punishment sex, some of it quite extreme. And a sub-plot involving Abi’s late father, who is revealed as a spy for the British Government. He died in mysterious circumstances under suspicions of corruption, and Abi is asked to help clear his name. With Discipline, I’ve gone all out to create an Erotic Romance story that makes you want to read on and find out what happens. If that sounds like the kind of book you like, I hope you’ll download it from Amazon and enjoy. If so, please leave a review to let everyone know what you think.

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